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Japanese Gardens 1

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Art of the Japanese Garden
by Michiko Young et al

Paperback: 176 pages   ISBN: 4805311258
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing (April 10, 2011)
The book traces the development and blending of gardening traditions, as well as the inclusion of new features. It features a number of the most notable gardens in Japan, including graveled courtyards, early aristocratic gardens, esoteric and paradise gardens, Zen gardens, warrior gardens, tea gardens and stroll gardens.


The Complete Illustrated Guide to Japanese Gardening and Growing Bonsai 
by Charles Chesshire

Hardcover: 512 pages   ISBN: 0754820912
Publisher: Anness (July 16, 2011)
An encyclopedia of two classic and ever-popular horticultural arts combined in one unique volume. Essential advice, step-by-step techniques and projects, plans, plant listings and over 1500 photographs and illustrations.


Creating a Japanese Garden
by Charles Chesshire

Paperback: 96 pages   ISBN: 1844768449
Publisher: Anness (July 16, 2011)
Design your own Japanese oasis in one of the five classic styles. A step-by-step guide to pond, dry, tea, stroll and courtyard gardens: practical advice, projects and plant directory, with over 250 photographs.


A Practical Guide to Japanese Gardening
by Charles Chessshire and Alex Ramsay

Hardcover: 256 pages   ISBN: 0754817725
Publisher: Anness (August 16, 2009)
Creating a Japanese garden is not just a practical exercise, but also a spiritual one. An authentic Japanese garden is full of ancient symbolism and magic. This book is an inspirational and practical guide to creating the Japanese garden style, from design options and materials to planting techniques and decorative features.


A Japanese Touch for Your Garden
by Kiyoshi Seike et al

Hardcover: 96 pages   ISBN: 4770030797
Pub: Kodansha USA; 2nd ed (February 1, 2009)
A concise introduction to the practical aspects of making a Japanese garden with hundreds of creative but time-honored ways to make maximum use of the available space. Schematic layout plans, detailed how-to explanations, notes on the care and choice of plants, and over 150 color photographs of Japanese gardens.


The Japanese Tea Garden
by Marc P. Keane

Hardcover: 296 pages   ISBN: 1933330678
Pub: Stone Bridge; 1st ed (December 1, 2009)
Almost every Japanese garden is influenced by the tea garden. Marc Peter Keane describes the history, design, and aesthetics of tea gardens, from T’ang China to the present day, with over one hundred stunning photographs, floor plans, and illustrations. The most extensive book on this genre ever published in English.


Japanese Garden Design
by Marc P. Keane, Haruzo Ohashi

Hardcover  ISBN: 0804838569
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing (January 15, 2007)
This comprehensive book includes chapters on design principles and techniques, excellent full-color photography and detailed plans of the various types of gardens. Also included is an extensive glossary, a bibliography of books in English and Japanese, and numerous maps.


Japanese Gardens in a Weekend: Projects for One, Two or Three Weekends
by Robert Ketchell

Paperback: 160 pages   ISBN: 060061428X
Publisher: Hamlyn; New Ed edition (March 28, 2006)
You can construct a Japanese garden quickly with this guide to planning, materials, plants, pruning, and special additions.

Japanese Gardens 1

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