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Building Construction - Build Your Own Home
Contracting - Subcontracting

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How to Plan, Contract, and Build Your Own Home
by Scutella & Heberle

Paperback: 912 pages   ISBN: 0071603301
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Pro; 5th ed (July 27, 2010)
This book gives you the information you need during every step of the homebuilding process--from selecting materials to designing the rooms to working with a contractor. Featuring practical, cost-effective ways of planning, designing, and building energy-efficient homes, the book presents money- and energy-saving options in every chapter.


Be Your Own House Contractor: Save 25% without Lifting a Hammer   by Carl Heldmann

Paperback: 176 pages ISBN: 1580178402
Publisher: Storey Pub; 5th ed (April 1, 2006)
Written for those with little or no experience in the building trades, this book clearly and simply lays out the steps involved in home construction and answers the many questions that arise. Concise chapters deal with: Locating and purchasing land, Procuring financing, Estimating costs and staying within a budget, Hiring subcontractors and finding suppliers, Building the house, Restoring an existing structure. An extensive appendix contains examples of the forms, certificates, and permits that are required, as well as sample contracts and plans.


Building an Affordable House: Trade Secrets for High-Value, Low-Cost Construction
by Fernando Pages Ruiz

Paperback: 208 pages   ISBN: 1561585963
Publisher: The Taunton Press (February 1, 2005)
The first comprehensive guide of its kind, Building an Affordable House is for homeowners and building contractors who want to incorporate proven cost-saving techniques into their projects. Written by a contractor who has been nationally recognized for his innovative approach to cost control, this book shows readers how to generate significant savings on major projects such as building a new home or adding on to an existing one.


Building Your Own Home For Dummies
by Kevin Daum, Janice Brewster, Peter Economy

Paperback: 384 pages   ISBN: 0764557092
Publisher: For Dummies (February 25, 2005)
How to build a dream house-without breaking the bank. Packed with useful information, tips, and checklists, this easy-to-follow guide shows people step by step how to build a unique, beautiful home on any budget. It covers all the must-know issues, from acquiring land, finding the best architect, and cutting design costs to putting together financing, hiring (or not hiring) a general contractor, and overseeing construction.


How to Plan, Contract and Build Your Own Home
by Richard M. Scutella 

Paperback: 752 pages   ISBN: 0071448853
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 4 ed (July 2005)
Step-by-step blueprint for do-it-yourself home builders. From locating an architect, to hiring workers, to selecting features and fixtures, and more, here's how to build or expand your own home from start to finish—and save! This book leads you through the perils of homebuilding to make sure you end up with exactly what you want. You get point-by-point tips on choosing a site and style, keeping home traffic patterns sensible, deciding on the right size for rooms, preparing plans, getting permits and more.


What The Experts May Not Tell You About Building or Renovating Your Home 
by Amy Johnston 

Paperback: 288 pages   ISBN: 044669083X
Publisher: Warner Books (April 1, 2004)
Hiring a contractor is an enormous investment and a high-risk endeavor involving decisions that will last a lifetime. This book is a practical survival guide for anyone trying to make it through the construction, expansion or renovation of their home while keeping their dreams, budget and sanity intact. With wit and expertise Johnston reveals the secret pitfalls that can trip up even the most careful homeowners, while equipping them with information and strategies they cannot find elsewhere.


Building Construction Illustrated
by Francis D. K. Ching, Cassandra Adams

Paperback: 464 pages   ISBN: 0471358983
Publisher: Wiley; 3rd edition (October 2, 2000)
Textbook introducing the principles of building construction, with a plethora of illustrations for the visual learner, moving through each stage of the design and construction process with integrated coverage of environmentally friendly materials and other technological advances and changes.

Homebuilding 2
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Build Your Own Home - Building Construction - Contracting - Subcontracting
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