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Home Decorating Styles 1
Decorating Styles: Country - Cottage - Colonial

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Romantic Prairie Style
By Fifi O'neill

Hardcover: 160 pages   ISBN: 9781907563195
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small  (April 1, 2011)
A style inspired by the honesty of homespun materials of the past wedded to a flair for the present. Here interiors bear the influence of European settlers and the poetry of the heart-warming authenticity of simple, natural textures, hand-hewn beams, bleached wood, weathered planks, woven blankets, cow-hide and Navajo rugs.


Modern Country
By Nancy Ingram

Hardcover: 144 pages  ISBN: 1586857827
Publisher: Gibbs Smith; 1st ed (March 21, 2006)
Modern Country shows that by blending the best of classic country with modern themes, the hallmarks of country remain--beauty, simplicity, and that nostalgic yearning for a romantic past that characterizes the classic country look.


Country Living Your House, Your Home: Randy Florke's Decorating Essentials (Country Living)
by Randy Florke, Nancy Becker

Hardcover: 192 pages   ISBN: 158816411X
Publisher: Hearst (June 1, 2005)
Real-life examples of rooms that radiate charm and practically invite readers to step inside and make themselves at home. Florke explores what he calls the "three muses" of design: comfort, economy, and color. Comfort resides in line-dried quilts and overstuffed sofas. Economy means items chosen from flea markets, thrift stores, or grandmother's attic. Country color is the faded blue of crockery and the pale shades of damask tablecloths. Anyone hoping to transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary will find thrifty and stylish ways to design.


New Cottage Style
by Vicki Ingham

Paperback: 192 pages   ISBN: 0696221330
Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens (January 2005)
Decorating ideas to achieve a cottage look that's clean, simple, and light. New and remodeled homes that incorporate cottage style via architectural features and easy decorating choices. Secrets to creating harmony and simplicity with paint, furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Examples for projects in the country, the woods, suburbia, and oceanfront locations.


California Cottage Style
by Ann & Scot Zimmerman

Paperback: 144 pages  ISBN: 1402722273
Pub: Sterling/Chapelle; Reprint  (February 2005)
California cottages are famed for their openness and creatively designed interiors. Splendid photographs present Pioneer, Queen Anne, Spanish Colonial Revival, Craftsman, and Tudor revival homes. Take a look at the examples and see exactly what makes cottages different from other houses, and how to make the most of their beauty. Each one will inspire fresh ideas for decorating in small spaces and gracing every square foot with lovely details.


Colonial Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Cape, Colonial, or Saltbox House
by Treena Crochet

Hardcover: 192 pages   ISBN: 1561586226
Publisher: The Taunton Press (February 1, 2005)
California Cape Cods and 21st-century Colonials proclaim the enduring popularity of colonial architecture. The book explains the differences between three styles - Colonial, Cape Cod, and Saltbox - and chapters cover doors and windows, trim work, built-ins, floor and wall treatments, paint colors, and incorporating today's kitchens and baths into a timeless colonial interior.

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Decorating Styles: Country - Cottage - Colonial

Home Decorating Styles 1
Decorating Styles: Country - Cottage - Colonial
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Decorating Styles: Bungalow - Southwest - Ranch - Classic
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