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Remodeling Decorating Childrens' Kids' Rooms 2
Decorating Baby's Rooms ~ Decorating the Nursery

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Pottery Barn Kids Rooms: Simple Ways to Create Child-Friendly Spaces in Your Home by Margaret Sabo Wills

Paperback: 176 pages   ISBN: 1616281456
Publisher: Weldon Owen; Orig ed (July 5, 2011)
Offers solid advice about crafting spaces that feel familiar, yet special and inventive. For each room, you'll find: Basic checklists of items that each space needs, Storage solutions, Clever ideas for personalizing touches, Design ideas that make it easy for kids to develop healthy habits, from hygiene and nutrition to learning and physical activity.


The Smart Approach to Kids' Rooms
by Megan Connelly

Paperback: 224 pages   ISBN: 9781580113892
Pub: Creative Homeowner; 3rd ed (February 2008)
Parents will find all the inspiration and information they need to create any kid's dream room. Topics include: working with color, choosing furniture, organizing space, storage, special ideas for walls, windows, and floors, plus safety tips. Includes designing for children with special needs.


Great Kids' Rooms Collection
by Marshall and Christian

Paperback: 288 pages   ISBN: 0696229722
Publisher: Wiley; 1st ed (September 12, 2006)
From practical to storybook themes, the book offers hundreds of imaginative, beautifully decorated rooms for kids from infants to teens. Ideas are themed for both girls and boys. Offers ideas for paint colors, furniture styles, window treatments, bedding, creative storage solutions, and fantastically inventive play spaces. Includes guidelines for choosing child-safe furniture, fabrics, and accessories.


Kids' Sacred Places: Rooms for Believing and Belonging - by Kelee Katillac

Hardcover: 189 pages   ISBN: 0977039005
Publisher: ICE Press; 1st ed (November 1, 2005)
All kids need a space of their own - a sacred place, where everyday realities like peer pressure, family issues, bullies at school, or low self-esteem cannot penetrate--a place of comfort and creativity. The "House of Belief" philosophy is one of interior transformation for the home and the soul. It enables kids to create personal sanctuaries where the spirit of the young can joyfully grow, believe, and thrive.


Creative Ideas for Kids' Spaces
by Josh Garskof

Paperback: 128 pages   ISBN: 0376009233
Publisher: Oxmoor House (June 2005)
This book goes way beyond the basics, providing well-thought-out design, space, and storage solutions for kids of all ages. Great photos help you plan the best bedrooms, study areas, and indoor and outside play spaces for the kid in your life.


New Kidspace Idea Book
by Wendy Adler Jordan

Paperback: 160 pages   ISBN: 9781561586943
Publisher: Taunton (March 15, 2005)
Fresh and fun ideas for designing a child's room that will also solve parents' space and storage problems. Topics include tailoring designs to suit the interests of the individual child, customizing a plain room, making the most of unusual spaces, adapting spaces to children's changing needs, and creating safe spaces for active play.


Paint Can! Children's Rooms: Patterns & Projects for Colorful, Creative Spaces - by Sunny Goode

Hardcover: 144 pages   ISBN: 1402745125
Publisher: Sterling (August 5, 2008)
"How-to" decorative painting for children's rooms with happy results that will delight any kid. Imaginative, fun rooms for little babies, for playing and growing in (ages 4-8), and for thinking and dreaming (for 9-12 year-olds). An introduction discusses paint basics, and illustrated sections interspersed throughout present important techniques.


Creative Kids' Murals You Can Paint
by Suzanne Whitaker

Paperback: 128 pages   ISBN: 1581808056
Publisher: North Light Books (June 22, 2006)
No painting skills or special materials required. Includes: fun and whimsical designs adaptable for any room, for boys and girls of every age group, from babies through tweens and teens with everything from nursery and magical themes to animals, flowers and sports. 35 step-by-step demonstrations for painted elements readers can mix and match. Complete with professional tips and tricks.

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Decorating Kids Rooms ~ Painting Murals

Baby & Kids Rooms 1Baby's Rooms & Nursery: Decorating Baby's Rooms ~ Decorating the Nursery
Baby & Kids Rooms 2: Kids Rooms & Murals Decorating Kids Rooms ~ Painting Murals

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