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STANDARD FORMAT WEB BROCHURE: Up to 325 words for Areas 1-2-3 combined. You may place more or less words in any area, as long as the total word count for Areas 1-2-3 does not exceed 325 words. For formats other than standard, see Custom Web Brochures section. 

You receive with your Standard or Custom Web Brochure:

FREE - "Alphabetical Linked Listing," with bold title, on our San Diego Business Directory, linked to your Web Brochure.

FREE - Basic HTML Metatags: Page title, description & keywords created for the WWW search engines.

FREE - Search engine submission.

NOTE: The $75 price is based on a "prepare-it-yourself" basis by following the worksheets to prepare your text, and placing your order online.


You will basically be creating 3 text content areas, totaling 325 words, divided by Titles & Subtitles. The rest is simply filling in your business contact information, hours of operation, payment methods you accept, etc. into the Online Order Form.


1- Refer to the Web Brochure FORMAT Sample for help in laying out your text. (Print the page for reference)

2- Open the Web Brochure Instructions & Worksheet .doc file for Word
Save the .doc file.  Print the pages for reference.  Page 2 is your worksheet.

3- Following the instructions on the Worksheet, fill out all the areas.  Refer to the
Web Brochure FORMAT Sample as needed.

Place your order via our secure online Web Brochure order form

4- Have your credit card information ready before opening the Online Order Form.

5- Open the Web Brochure Online Order Form.  Transfer the information from your Worksheet to the Online Form, matching the Worksheet numbers to the numbers on the form.  Fill in all remaining information as requested.

6- Submit the form.  When we have received your order, you will receive, via e-mail, instructions on sending your image, information on ordering a Domain Name for your Web Brochure (optional) and confirmation as to the amount that will be charged to your credit card.

To Order via E-mail or Postal Mail:
Request these instructions from our   



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