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$30 / 6 month trial  or  $50 / 1 year

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Link to your Web site or Ad Page, add a 20-word biz description & more.
A "Must Have" for any San Diego business

The Enhanced Listing has proven to be our Most Effective text ad.
Your Enhanced Listing puts you at the Top of your Category, above all Premium Linked and Free Listings. This is a "searchable" listing, and has had the highest success rate of all our text ads.

The Enhanced Listing is at its best when you have a website to link to. If you don't have a website, in order to get full value from your Enhanced Listing, you need a Web Page (Ad Page) such as the Billboard (only $25 yr), Web Flyer, or Web Brochure. This is the Internet, and If you aren't linked to at least BASIC INFORMATION beyond your contact info, you probably will be passed over in favor of the advertiser with more extensive information.

Why do I need a Web Page?   What can a Web Page do for me?

The Enhanced Listings appear at the top of the category pages, in alphabetical order. Each listing is in a box, with an icon beside the Business Name. The Business Name is in bold type, and is linked to your Website or Web Page (Billboard, Web Flyer, Web Brochure). 20 words of descriptive text is included in the listing.
   The Enhanced Business Listing includes:
  • Your Business Name in Bold
  • Street Address
  • Location area or Area Served
  • Three phone/fax numbers
  • Email address (Optional. Spam blocker available)
  • Icon & border accent
  • Linked
PLUS  Text Content: 20 words describing/listing your product(s) and/or service(s) - fully searchable by our on-site search engine and by the Internet search engines.
This is what the Enhanced Listing looks like:
Absolute Carpet Cleaning
100 W Main Ave     San Diego CA 92115
Serving San Diego County  
(619) 555-0000   FAX (760) 555-0000
Professional carpet cleaning. Guaranteed satisfaction. Machine rentals, complete line of carpet cleaning products. Spot removal specialist. References available.
What an Enhanced Listing looks like on a Category Page:
NOTE: Example Page will open in a NEW WINDOW.
Close the example window when done viewing.

On this page: Details | Sample | Rates | Multiple Listings | RULES | Tips | Spam | License | ORDER

Primary Listing: 6 month trial offer - $30*
   Additional listings:
trial offer - for 6 mos. are $17.50 per category
   This is a one-time only offer. All ad renewals will be for 1 year.

Primary Listing: $50 per year
   Additional listings:
for 1 year are $27.50 per category

On this page: Details | Sample | Rates | Multiple Listings | RULES | Tips | Spam | License | ORDER

Your PRIMARY listing will be DUPLICATED in additional categories. See rates above for cost of "Additional Listings." If there are multiple pages in your chosen category, your ad will appear on every page.
Your free alphabetical listing remains & will be upgraded with a bold title, and will refer to your Enhanced Listing with "See Ad Top of Page." You will receive an additional free listing for each additional category listing purchased.

On this page: Details | Sample | Rates | Multiple Listings | RULES | Tips | Spam | License | ORDER


Your Business name:

1) Do Not use all CAPS. Only Initials and Acronyms can have all capital letters. A J Smith & Co  or  WCO Plumbing (West Coast Only Plumbing).

2) Must be your legal, legitimate business name (the name on your business license). Do Not use a description, or the title of your website, or a made-up name for search "keywords" or higher alphabetical placement.

Legal business name: "Law Offices of Smith & Jones"
You can not list as: San Diego Attorneys  or  AAA Attorneys or
Smith & Jones San Diego Attorneys

Your Web Address:

Do Not enter a web address that is under construction or parked. Must be an active website.

The 20 words of text:

1) No All CAPS allowed in any words.
Example: FREE estimates. Will be listed as Free estimates.

2) Use plain text, no embellishments, no asterisks *, no exclamation points !, etc.

3) 20 words or 3 lines of text:
You have a maximum of 3 lines for your text. The 20 words must fit on 3 lines. If it does not fit, and/or you go over the 20-word limit, we will edit your text. First we will try changing all "and" to "&" then we will edit the actual text if necessary. (Example: We offer a full line of affordable widgets and whatnots becomes Full line of affordable widgets & whatnots).

We have a handy "word & character counter" you can use to create your 20 words of text. Click Here

CA License:

1) If it is required by law for you to post your license in advertising, we must have your license number, or we can not post your ad.
(Required: Contractors, limousine companies, etc.).

2) If you are an unlicensed contractor, you must designate "unlicensed" in your ad. You may not accept jobs over a certain amount of money.

On this page: Details | Sample | Rates | Multiple Listings | RULES | Tips | Spam | License | ORDER


Tips on Writing Your 20 Words of Text:
When writing your text, include your "keywords" in the description so your business will come up in a "product or service" search. Also, write it in such a way that it will entice the visitor to click for more information.
Example of a strong ad:

Full Service Handyman. Affordable carpentry, painting, plumbing, light electrical. Toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, sprinkler system repair. Reliable, with references.

Example of a weak ad:

Handyman available for small household projects. If you need it done, I can do it. Available Monday thru Friday. Call me for an appointment.


Spam Blockers / Adding your email address to your listing:
To keep the Internet Robots from reading your email address for spam lists, we have a Spam Blocker available for a small fee of $5 per listing. There is a place on the order form where you can order the Spam Blocker. Information

If you purchase a Spam Blocker and are listing in more than one category, the Spam Blocker must be added to all your listings at $5 per listing. If you have signed up for the 6-month trial, the $5 fee(s) is for the 6-month period only.

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Order the Super Home Center  ENHANCED LISTING
Your order will be placed through The CyberSide Secure Order System


On this page: Details | Sample | Rates | Multiple Listings | RULES | Tips | Spam | License | ORDER


Why do I need a Web Page?   What can a Web Page do for me?

Customers want to know what you offer. This is the Internet, and contact
information only
just doesn't cut it. If you aren't linked to at least BASIC INFORMATION, you will be bypassed. This will make the difference.

Banner Ads & Tile Ads Info

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Effective Low Cost Advertising for Home Improvement Businesses
Text Ads - Listings w/Link:
$10 - $25 - $50    Web pages: $25 - $45 - $75 is a CyberSide & Co. Directory
Web Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance by The CyberSide & Co.
All contents copyright The CyberSide & Co., 1998-2016. All rights reserved.
Compiled business listings are the sole property of The CyberSide & Co.
No portion of this document may be duplicated without permission in writing.

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