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Super Home Center ~ Join Us & Be There! is a San Diego Business Directory created for Home Improvement, Home Services, and Home & Garden businesses in San Diego county.

A business may display photos of their products and/or services, inform consumers in-depth about their business and present their specialties for enriching a potential customer's ambiance, repairing their environment, or building them one--all at an affordable price on a San Diego Home & Garden Targeted Directory of the highest quality and visual appeal.

Have You...?     Would You...?     Do You...?

  • Have you been thinking about placing your business on the Internet and didn't know where to begin?
  • Do you have a Web site just hanging out there on the Internet and need a way to "target" those potential customers shopping for your products or services and direct them your site?
  • Would you like to "target" primarily local residents and be quickly and easily found by San Diegans?
  • Would you like your potential customers to be able to find your business by simply searching for any word that appears in your Billboard, Web Flyer or Web Brochure?
  • Are you on a directory that is not "targeted" and your information is lost among Horoscopes, Restaurants, Shopping Ads, Flashing Banners and Pop-Ups?
  • Too Busy?? Would you like to place your business on the Web hassle-free by simply duplicating your existing paper brochure or Yellow Pages ad on your Billboard, Web Flyer or Web Brochure?"  Ask about our combination "Text Ad & Web Page" advertising packages.
  • Would you like to remind San Diegans 24 hours a day, every day of the year, about the services you have to offer for the same cost or less as a one-time tiny 2-line classified ad in the newspaper?
  • If you don't have a Web site, would you like to join in and take advantage of the most powerful and largest marketing tool ever… the World Wide Web?



Billboard Web
$25 yr $45 yr $75+ yr $10 yr $25 yr $30 - 6 mo*
If you would like to view samples of the advertising packages we offer, along with descriptions and price sheets, GO HERE

For Tips & Ideas as to how a Billboard, Web Flyer, or Web Brochure can save you Advertising Dollars, and actually pay for itself...GO HERE 

We Do It Better... And We Do It For Less !!!SM


Effective Low Cost Advertising for Home Improvement Businesses
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